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Verified Artist
Become a verified artist in 4 simple steps. This not only helps you sell your paintings directly through ArtOfColors.in but also acts an assurance to buyer on your strong association with us, which will strengthen their buying decision. We do not charge to the artist for listing their art by any means, ArtOfColors only have a commission of 25% on the art sell through us.

Here are the 4 simple steps to become a verified artist on ArtOfColors.in
  1. Complete profile by 100%
  2. Upload more than 6 good quality paintings
  3. Manual verification by ArtOfColors support team
  4. Documents verification by ArtOfColors team
  1. Data on ArtOfColors shows that Buyers perfer to buy artwork from Verified artists
  2. Verification sign is an assurance to buyer on strong association of Artist & ArtOfColors
  3. Maximum number of good paintings gives choice to Buyer & higher the chances of selling
  4. You can promote your Paintings Deck to the world by sharing it on Social Media
  5. Good quality & maximum paintings strengthen your identity on Google search through ArtOfColors.
  6. More number of paintings increases your chances of getting highlighted in the 'Top Artists' section, which is based on following criteria;
    • price value of paintings sold
    • number of paintings uploaded
    • Profile views
    • Social shares
We Accept online payment in below methods