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Published by Admin on 24, Jan 2017
24, Jan 2017

Gone are the days when our unknown scribbles remained only to us, because we thought they meant nothing. Doodle ‘is’ the ‘in’ thing these days!! A believe me when I say it, advertising and graphic arts agencies are ready to promote any off beat doodle work.

Published by Admin on 15, Jan 2017
15, Jan 2017

The Birla Academy of Art & Culture was established in 1967 with the principal objective of fostering the growth of art and culture with emphasis on visual and performing arts. In this time, the Academy has established itself as a center of cultural, artistic and educational activities.

Published by Admin on 15, Jan 2017
15, Jan 2017

The academy was formally established in 1933 by Lady Ranu Mukherjee. It was initially located in a room loaned by the Indian Museum, and the annual exhibitions used to take place in the adjoining verandah.

Published by Admin on 11, Jan 2017
11, Jan 2017

Chitra Ganesh is a Brooklyn based artist whose drawing, installation, text-based work, and collaborations suggest and excavate buried narratives typically absent from official canons of history, literature, and art. Ganesh graduated from Brown University with a BA in Comparative Literature and Art-Semiotics, and received her MFA from Columbia University in 2002. 

Published by Admin on 08, Jan 2017
08, Jan 2017

Those of you who have watched the Aamir Khan starrer "Taare Zameen Par" shall easily catch up with the style am talking about. Those who still think you are nowhere near understanding what am I talking about, let me explain a bit more.

Published by Admin on 04, Jul 2016
04, Jul 2016

HOORAY!! ArtOfColors already announced his 4th art event in the 'City of Joy' Kolkata. The event will be inaugurated by eminent Artist Mr. Wasim Kapoor and Niranjan Pradhan at Gallery Gold on 22nd July, 2016 at 5:30pm IST.

Published by Admin on 09, Jan 2016
09, Jan 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ArtOfColors is happy to announce that we reach our first milestone. We have recently hit 10,000+ likes on our Facebook page and we are looking for help with hitting the next milestone of 20,000!!!

Published by Admin on 26, Dec 2015
26, Dec 2015

Yes! you have read right. ArtOfColors new version is more user friendly now. In v2.0 you can create free account and after account verification you can keep your favorite art items saved in your wishlist bucket. This will help you to find your favorite items easily in future.

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